about us

Entrepreneurs who are in line with market conditions make investment plans and they want to invest and manage their businesses by investing in the sector that will provide the best profit for themselves as a result of market research they have done. This is not the case for BNT. When we examined all the sectors in 1999, there was a leader organization in every sector, but there were no producers related to morgue units and most of the products that came into the country came from abroad. Die politischen stiftungen fördern bildungseinrichtungen und einen essay schreiben selbsthilfeorganisationen in ländlichen gebieten, gesellschaftspolitische erwachsenenbildung, die entwicklung der medien und den sozialwissenschaftlichen blog forschungsbereich

The first morgue we produced for this sector that we began as an amateur for the amateur company was presented to the service of people in the village camel that Tuncer OKUR was born from our company managers.

With the engineering and technology investment we have made in the sector that we have developed under the leadership of BNT, a facility that will produce 1,500 devices per month has been brought to my country. When the gap in this sector is closed with BNT, the governments that value the preservation of the cadres and the corpses in the world and in Turkey today prefer BNT products.


Having 20 years of production experience and experience in the metalworking industry, the managers of our company began to serve the Turkish industry under the roof of BNT in 1999 to produce products to ensure that cadavers and funerals are kept on better terms.

The company that made the initial investment to improve cadaver and funeral preservation conditions in Turkey was BNT.

Since the first day we went to Yola, we have found out the problems experienced in the BNT sector with the knowledge and suggestions of universities, hospital administrators, hospital administrators, imams and imams and all the sensitive people in this subject and have started to develop innovative products by establishing the AR-GE units for better conditions of cadavers and funerals. BNT has adopted the principle of producing the best products in order to meet all expectations of a large family.

When we look back today, we see what great things we have accomplished together, and we remember what difficulties we have. Knowing that many projects to be built are waiting for us, we work harder and we will always work harder.

Quality management

Our quality management policy works to improve our efficiency in national and international markets by developing new methods, evaluating opportunities, solving problems and capturing excellence. We fulfill our customersu2019 expectations and suggestions by using resources efficiently, economically and efficiently. We aim to create a contemporary and participatory management culture that meets customer demands in place, on time, accurately, reliably, quickly, and in other words to customer satisfaction.

The basic principles we have adopted to achieve this administrative culture are:

  • To ensure that leaders are trained in accordance with their duties, powers and responsibilities at every level,
  • To develop management understanding that considers continuous improvement of its processes,
  • To ensure the continuity of design and R & D activities,
  • To conduct effective market research, To provide personal and professional development of employees and to encourage them to participate,
  • To realize the change with the understanding of continuous learning, improvement and innovation,
  • To expand service support services,
  • To implement efficient training programs for my employees, to develop relationships with suppliers,
  • To carry out our activities in accordance with ISO 9001, 2008 standards and legal regulations

We aimed to work in the awareness of nature and human responsibility towards human beings in our activities that we have realized as BNT in the direction of these aims and to continue to lead in national and international level.