The leader of Turkey’s industry, which bnt’n of stainless steel hospital team of production areas, areas of activity, the expert team, the world is a manufacturer of a wide range of production line and a total of 3 thousand square meters of indoor space with plants on the latest technology. How BNT leads today’s business partner By the means of distributors, 50% of its production is exported, and 50% of its machines meet buyers in the US, European countries and industrial industries such as Australia. The remaining 100% are the companies that invest in advanced technology in the leading countries or those that make investments in foreign countries.

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  • our goal

    To be the first company to bring technology to the markets we reach


    Stainless Steel In the hospital sector, we are an institution that combines quality and advanced technology with users, values ​​and offers solutions to its stakeholders, adheres to ethical rules and respects nature, laws and people.


    BNT's machines are now available worldwide under the BNT brand. The BNT brand is derived to achieve the right position in the global market.


  • We are committed to laws and ethical rules.
    Adheres to the laws and ethical rules in all our actions, relations, keeps promises made in an honest and open manner; we pioneer and exemplary in the virtues of reliability and consistency.

  • We follow innovations and develop together.
    Follows the developments in the sector and technology; based on the principles of continuous learning, innovation and improvement, we support the development of creativity skills. We ensure the effective and competent participation of employees in the management and decision processes, and as a result of this approach, we provide clarity in decisions and transparency in practice.

  • We think quality, we like the product ourselves first, we do quality work. Products and services, universal standards; planned time, quality and costs. Determined targets; We reach it by correlating it with business results through measurable, traceable parameters.
  • Our stakeholders are our reason for existence, we offer them a guarantee of satisfaction. We see our stakeholders as our reason for existence, and provide customer satisfaction by providing them with value-added and quality service.
  • We meet in common ground for our company, we get power from each other.
    We work in line with the common goals and values ​​determined, aware of their responsibilities, harmonious, sharing, conciliatory and always respecting the interests of the country and the company.

MQuality Management

Our quality management policy develops new methods to increase our effectiveness in the national and international market, evaluates opportunities and solves problems, seeks to achieve excellence. We fulfill our customers’ expectations and suggestions by using resources effectively, economically and efficiently. We aim to create a contemporary and participatory management culture that meets customer demands in a timely, accurate, reliable, rapid manner, and in other words, customer satisfaction.

The basic principles we adopt to achieve this management culture are:

  • Ensuring the development of leaders in accordance with the duties, authorities and responsibilities at all levels,
  • To improve the management approach that considers continuous improvement of its processes,
  • To ensure the continuity of design and R & D activities,
    To conduct effective market research, to ensure personal and professional development of employees and to encourage them to participate,
  • To realize change with the understanding of continuous learning, improvement and innovation,
    To extend service support services,
  • To implement efficient training programs for our employees, to develop relations with suppliers,
  • To carry out our activities in accordance with ISO 9001, 2008 standards and legal regulations

In line with these objectives, as BNT, we aim to work in a sense of social responsibility towards the nature and people we live in and to maintain leadership at national and international levels.