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Chambers of mortuary refrigerators are independent from each other and each chamber has its own refrigeration system that works independently. So the user can switch on only the engine of the chamber that the body is placed. It provides great efficiency. Independent refrigeration system is also very advantages in case of breakdown, too. When one of the refrigeration system is breakdown, the other one will not be influenced from it and still can be used.


The control panel, which starts the cooling of the Morgue’s cell, is placed in the door of the cell it belongs to. Thanks to this feature, the officers are working on the cell that funeral is placed. In the condition that the control panel is not placed on the door of the cell, there is a risk that the staff accidentally starts cooling of the lower cell when he puts the funeral into the upper cell. In this case, the funeral will be decayed.


The disassembled morgans we produce have the same price as the morgues produced by the classical method.


The morgue produced by the classical method was used by BNT while the morgans took up more space during transportation; due to the fact that they have a demounted property, they take up less space and thus solve the transportation problem with less cost.


As the morgue produced by the classical method is brought into the building where the assembly will be made as a whole, it is very troublesome to carry and assemble. But; Parts of the disassembled morgue produced by BNT provide great comfort to the user during the transportation and installation phase.


The insulation of the disassembled morgue produced by BNT is more intense than the morgans produced by the classical method. Thus, the energy savings of the disassembled morgans produced by BNT are better than the other morgans. Skeletal system is the main element providing isolation. This can be done by using a profile skeleton or polyurethane. The polyurethane used in these two conditions will provide better insulation. Therefore, the profile frame should not be preferred.

If the morgue unit is well insulated, the device will be reduced to 4 degrees in 1 hour. The unit does not need continuous operation.


In case of any failure of the disassembled morgue produced by BNT, the repair can be done in a faster and more ecological way due to its disassembled structure. The cooler fans of the morgue produced by the classical method are located in the cell (the area where the funeral is lying). drum technician. This may cause undesirable results. Disassembled morgue disassembled motor and fan technology produced by BNT can be eliminated without entering into the cell. Due to the fact that the motors of the morgue devices we have produced are disassembled, the technician is able to eliminate the defect without entering into the cell in any way. Dismantled Motor Technology is a PATENTED feature which is applied only in BNT branded morgue units as of this day.

In addition, the repair of the parasites damaged by any damage to the morgue produced by the classical method is not possible in a regional manner.

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