Dressing Trolley 5 Drawer Medicine Trolley

– It is made of stainless steel material.

– Its raw material is 304 quality steel.

– 5 partitioned drawers: 1 drawer is 20cm, 3 drawers are 10cm, 1 drawer is 5cm.

– There are 4 wheels with mobile wheels, 2 with brakes.

– Central locking system drawers


The product drawers are self-braking and telescopic rail connection to the body.

It has a central locking system that prevents opening of the drawers on the product.

There is a dustbin on the drawer.

There is an oxygen cylinder carrying place on the cabinet.

There is a hanger on the cabinet. It has a top plate barrier.

The upper tables and visible welding spots are grinded and made as a satin finish.

Other surfaces will be left in their natural appearance and satin finish.