Funeral Washing Vehicle CYA

Funeral Washing Vehicle with Morgue Unit

-Morgue unit for Funeral Storage is installed in the interior of the Frigo Frig safe in desired dimensions.

– There is a funeral washing table at the top of the Morg unit.

– 1 water heater, 1 generator, 1 clean water tank (250lt), 1 waste water tank, water plumbing that can reach all parts of the funeral washing table has been drawn.

-Hand washing sink and material cupboard are available.

– There are lighting fixtures in the interior of the Frigo Frig case.  

–   It is made of Stainless Steel. Morgue unit optionally reports the funeral, which is a sign of life, with a sound warning.

It saves energy only by cooling this cell with the engine of the cell where the body is found. Operating temperature is optionally produced at -20 degrees


Funeral Washing Vehicle with Morgue Unit

Frigo Frig funeral washing tool is designed for washing the funeral in a desired place in accordance with the funeral and respectful hygienic rules.

Morgue unit inside it cools down to 0 (zero) degrees. The degree of cooling is monitored on the digital screen. Funeral washing table is made of 304 quality stainless steel.