Morgue Unit 1 Funeral Capacity DPC1

-It is made of stainless steel material.

– It is a front-opening unit with 1 funeral capacity.

– Working temperature: 0 / + 40 C

– It has a polyurethane casing.

– Insulation: 40-42 kg / m3

-Thickness: 80 mm

– Mobile (Wheeled)

– It has a machine / a digital display.

– The motor is detachable.

-The malfunction is alarmed.

600x1900x10mm is a funeral pan.


– Vital Signs System

– Lighting system

– Humidification System

– Baby funeral pan

Model Feature W L H
DPY1 AISI 304 2850 920 950
DPE1A AISI 430 2850 920 950


Package Type Morgue Unit PC1:

It is made of Stainless Steel.

Morgue unit optionally reports the funeral, which is a sign of life, by sound alert. It saves energy only by cooling this cell with the engine of the cell where the body is found. Operating temperature is produced optionally at -20 degrees.

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