Morgue Unit 2 Funeral Capacity TG2

– Made of stainless steel.

– 2 burial capacities, front opening block.

– Working temperature: 0 / + 40 С

– polyurethane case.

– Insulation: 40-42 kg / m3 Thickness: 80 mm

– Mobile (wheel)

– One car / One digital display.

– Optional spare engine is also available. It is designed in such a way that the spare engine is activated when the engine fails.

– Engine failure alarm.

– 600x1900x10 mm one pans.


– The system of vital signs

– Lighting system

– Moisturizing system

– Children’s funeral pan,


Made of stainless steel.

With the help of an audible warning, the morgue department at will announces a funeral that is a sign of life.

This provides energy savings by cooling only this cell with the engine belonging to the burial cell.

Optional operating temperature is -20 degrees.

Morg Ünitesi Anlatımı BNT


Morg Ünitesi Anlatımı BNT