Morgue Unit 9 Funeral Capacity DP93

– It is made of stainless steel material.

– It is a front-opening unit with 9 funeral capacities.

– Working temperature: 0 / + 40 C

– It has a polyurethane casing.

– Insulation: 40-42 kg / m3 Thickness: 80 mm

– Mobile (Wheeled)

– It has nine machines / Nine digital screens.

– Optionally, it is produced with a spare engine.

-The backup engine is designed to be activated when the engine fails.

– The motor is detachable. The malfunction is alarmed.

– 600x1900x10mm Nine funeral pans.


– Vital Signs System

– Lighting system

– Humidification System

– Baby funeral pan


Morgue Unit 9 Funeral Capacity DP93

Made of stainless steel.

With the help of an audible warning, the morgue department at will announces a funeral that is a sign of life.

This provides energy savings by cooling only this cell with the engine belonging to the burial cell.

Optional operating temperature is -20 degrees.

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