Lifter Hidrolik Sedye HS-M

-Lıft enables only one person to transport cadaver. it is compatible with morgue unıts, dissection tables and cadaver pools.

-AISI304 Cr-Ni Detailed from profile.

-Conveyor (tube -rail ) system exists.

There are 4 wheels, 2 of which are with brakes.

-It works with Manual Hydraulic system.

-Capacıty 200kg

-Rises and go downs in means of manuel arm.

-Hygienic, easy to clean.


Hydraulic Funeral Transport Cart HS-M (Lifter)

The corpses are designed to place hygienic conditions in the morgue unit with a single staff.

It is long lasting because stainless steel material is used. Thanks to the roller system used on it, it provides funeral pans to move easily.

The hydraulic funeral trolley plays a role in the protection of occupational diseases of working personnel.